Tradesmen of New England: Recharging Your Air Conditioner

August has been all of the three Hs: Hazy, Hot, and Humid. The team here at Tradesmen of New England hope that you have an optimally functioning HVAC system to get you through the final dog days of summer.

But what if your unit isn’t running as well as it should? Is it blowing warm air? It’s time to have the system checked. An annual check is usually enough to keep the system running smoothly, but we also can help in urgent situations where the system needs work. With a maintenance contract with TNE, you can be assured of those yearly inspections and repairs….and sail through the summer with a system working at its peak.

But, if you start to notice warm air blowing through the vents or ice or frost on the unit, the system might need a recharge. A recharge means that more of the refrigerant is added and pressurized within the system. These refrigerant systems are sealed and normally do not need a recharge unless there is a leak. Our maintenance contract clients can be assured that TNE checks for these leaks during the annual inspection. We make sure that levels and pressure are where they need to be and if a leak is found, we repair it and add the proper refrigerant.

We at Tradesmen of New England can assure your cool summer with a maintenance contract or you can make that call for one of our expert technicians to come out and repair your unit. We are here to help….and keep you cool!