Electrical Installations: Tradesmen of New England Is Your Local Expert

Tradesmen of New England understands and is an expert in all phases of electrical services for your business or municipal building. Whether your building is located in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut, we are your local expert for electrical installations, repair, and maintenance. Our extensive experience in the electrical and HVAC industry allows us to provide our customers with energy-efficient solutions for all of their building systems. With our collected knowledge in the electrical field, we are uniquely qualified to handle any electrical project for commercial or municipal spaces.

The Tradesmen of New England Areas of Expertise

  • Electrical projects, maintenance, and repairs

  • HVAC electrical systems

  • Automated control and programmable logic computer (PLC) system service and repair

  • Automated machinery troubleshooting and repair

  • Infrared Thermography, allowing customers to visualize, identify, and record high-temperature occurrences within electrical systems

  • Electrical power service and branch circuit installation

  • Lighting systems repairs, installations, and modifications

  • Emergency electrical systems

  • Telephone data network wiring

  • Complete electrical construction and engineering design for building electrical systems

We take the time to listen, learn, and understand the unique electrical needs and operations of your space. Our focus is on finding potential problems and the overall safety of the building. We then offer personalized, cost-saving solutions. We will discuss all aspects of the installation and provide information on how we maintain these solutions as part of our maintenance offerings.

.Customer Service

When you partner with TNE, you gain a dedicated team that is committed to responding in a timely manner to your concerns. We believe in high-quality service and have a sincere interest in our customer’s satisfaction. We strive to reach the highest standards in customer communication and believe that actively listening to them – combined with our dedication to the pursuit of technical excellence – is what sets us apart from most other contractors.

When you are ready to see how Tradesmen of New England can help you, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!