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COVID 19 Facility Guidelines

We are your facility experts...

Tradesmen of New England has extensive experience with indoor air quality to provide a safe, comfortable environment for your occupants. We are prepared to coordinate the effort to bring your facility into conformance with new recommendations of ASHRAE and the Center for Disease Control. Generally these are:

Increase fresh air supply sufficient to provide 2 to 2.5 air changes per hour in all spaces.

Increase filter efficiency to MERV 13.

Control humidity to between 40-60% RH

Control Temperature to 70-75F

In order to reduce the opportunity for transmission of the COVID 19 virus as well as other pathogens, adjustments can be made to the building's HVAC system. The following are the major elements that are would be evaluated.

Ventilation and Fresh air supply

Air Distribution

Air Filtration

Temperature and Humidity

Disinfection Alternatives

The objective is to evaluate all of these factors and develop a scope of work to bring them into conformance with the recommendations of ASHRAE and the Center for Disease Control recommendations.

The final scope of work would consist of the following major components.

· Evaluate the performance of the HVAC system to insure it is operating within original design criteria.

· Insure the system and its components are capable of functioning at the new recommended levels.

· Make adjustments to bring the system into conformance with new operating parameters.

· Evaluate the affect any new operating parameters will have on future energy and operating costs.

· Provide recommendations for technology upgrades.