Why Us?

In the last several blogs, we’ve talked about why a commercial HVAC system needs special attention from someone who specializes in commercial HVAC and what kind of pre-summer maintenance you need to keep your building cool and your commercial HVAC system running all year long. If you’re just joining us, be sure to check out our past blog posts that address these and other important need-to-know commercial HVAC topics.

Of course, in the last several blogs, we have talked about some of the reasons why you should choose Tradesmen of New England for your commercial HVAC needs. Today, we wanted to tell you more as to why you should choose us.

The Many Choices

In a world clamouring for your attention and claiming they have the best service or solution, it is hard to take everyone’s claims seriously. Frankly, for a business owner, it can be incredibly frustrating, because it’s your business’ well-being at stake. Depending on your business, the functionality of your HVAC system can directly affect the happiness of your employees and your customers or clients which will directly affect your budget and bottom line. The functionality of your commercial HVAC system can directly affect your bottom line though energy, maintenance, and repair costs. With all this at stake, and of all commercial HVAC companies available, who do you trust to partner with your business?


Why Tradesmen of New England?

Tradesmen of New England has been providing services to the Greater Hartford, Western Massachusetts and to the coastline of Connecticut since 2003. Since our start, we’ve grown to over 40 employees and to be a BBB Accredited Business and a Top Rated Local® HVAC company. Despite our growth and success, our core competencies have stayed the same:

Dedication to Customer Service

First and foremost, we care about our clients. We understand that we are, in essence, business partners with you, and we take that very seriously. This commitment informs all that our commercial HVAC company does as a business, offering real and affordable solutions that will best service our clients. We understand that the latest cutting-edge technology will work for some of our clients and for others, it isn’t the best option.

Understanding of Mechanical & Control Systems

Due to our knowledge and experience, we understand and can effectively address issues with your building’s HVAC system, no matter how old or new it is. We pride ourselves in our ability to not only retrofit your old system with the proper parts that will keep it running well, but also to suggest the proper upgrades when your budget allows and your building needs them. If you want to upgrade your system, we can install and service pneumatic and direct digital control systems from some of the top names in the industry.

Comprehensive Services

Our company, unlike some commercial HVAC companies, has the ability to service a wide variety of systems as well as provide the needed services for those systems, meaning we take a comprehensive approach to the services we provide. We provide services to keep your system going, to repair it if need be, upgrade if you can afford it, assess if your electrical system needs repair or upgrade to keep your system running smoothly, and to be there when the unexpected happens and you need an emergency commercial HVAC technician. Specifically, here are the services that we offer our commercial HVAC clients:

Preventative Maintenance

We understand that, for some, the understanding of preventative maintenance is that you are just spending more money for peace of mind. Though this is not entirely false, it does not completely take into consideration what preventative maintenance actually does: It is exactly what the name suggests – preventative. We have found in our many years in the commercial HVAC business, giving your HVAC system continuous attention lessens the chances of a bigger and more expensive problem. Many big repairs could have been prevented by regular maintenance. We offer an easy way to schedule your maintenance appointments through our online customer portal and our QR code system. Contact us for more information!

Building Assessment

Is your commercial HVAC system fully serving your building? Have you modified your building recently, and you’re unsure how your current HVAC system can support it? We can help you with these and related questions to make sure that your system is adequate for your building and not overloaded: An overloaded system is one that is close to its breaking point. Often, many commercial HVAC systems just need modification or an alteration to the electric system. We will help you have a system that is running well and within your budget.

Building Automation

Building Automation is a great way to know exactly how your building’s HVAC system and other related systems are running: You can better detect problems and areas in which there are considerable energy waste. We can help install pneumatic and digital control systems with cloud-based energy analytic tools. Building management systems can offer the business owner or building manager many advantages in controlling the amount of energy that your building uses. To learn more about how building automation can help your business and the options available to you, contact us!


A building’s electrical system is a major part of your HVAC system. If you have an insufficient or poor-performing electrical system, your HVAC system will not perform at its best. We offer service for electrical projects, maintenance, and repair. We can also assist with the electrical components associated with automated control and PLC systems, as well as automated machinery troubleshooting and repair. We can also aid in the issues you may be having with the infrared thermography of your HVAC system.

Emergency Services

Our company is one of those commercial HVAC companies that realizes that problems do not always happen during business hours. For this reason, we offer our clients emergency services. As we’ve mentioned before, we see ourselves as business partners and feel the responsibility to be there for you to keep your business running, no matter the time of day. No matter if you call us for an emergency service visit or a preventative maintenance appointment, we bring our professionalism and customer-service oriented attitude and expertise to every service call.

Want to Know More?

If you are looking for the one who stands out among the commercial HVAC companies, you are looking in the right spot. Tradesmen of New England is here to help you run your business well and keep your building comfortable, efficient, safe, and secure. To learn more about how we can help your business and address your specific needs, contact us!