What Do Building Management Systems Control?

The Tradesmen of New England provide more than just heating and cooling systems to businesses in Hartford and the rest of Connecticut; our team has the experience, skills, and resources to design and install comprehensive, fully automated building management systems. If you’re wondering what that entails, here are a few of the major components of a complete building system.

Indoor Environment

With a user friendly interface, you can control the temperature and humidity in any part of your building. By setting up zones and schedules, you have the power to decide where and when the temperature should change, leading to reliable comfort and energy efficiency.

Security & Alarms

Stay on top of what’s going on in your building, even when you’re not there. Live camera feeds, access control, automatic locks, and intruder alarms can all help to protect your facility against threats such as unauthorized personnel, breaches of company policy, fires, and other emergencies.

Energy Management

In addition to controlling temperature throughout the day, you can also program lights and equipment to turn off at certain times, such as when people go home for the evening. Detailed energy usage reports can be generated with a few clicks of the mouse, giving you reliable data that you can use to streamline your company’s efficiency.

Network & Communications

All of the above features in your building management system are integrated through a reliable network to provide access from virtually any location with an internet connection. Imagine it: with just a few swipes on your smartphone, you’ll be able to monitor and adjust your building’s energy management system from home, in the airport, or even at the beach!