Save Money With A Building Management System

Today’s building energy management systems are a marvel of modern technology. Integrating air conditioning, boilers, thermostats, and computer networks, there’s no doubt that these systems are complicated, and require installation and maintenance by HVAC experts like the Tradesmen of New England. In case you find the prospect of updating your Hartford business facility with a building management system intimidating, here are a few of the many capabilities you will be able to enjoy.


Manually controlled HVAC systems require you to constantly adjust the thermostat in order to save on energy expenses. You have to turn the temperature down when everybody goes home, and then back up in the morning before they show up again. A building management system can easily handle your indoor environment with a programmed schedule that’s simple to review and edit.


Do you have a server room that must be kept cooler than other parts of the building? Or perhaps a laboratory that must maintain an exact temperature in order to ensure the reliability of an experiment? With a building management system, you can create, manage, and maintain independent temperature zones within the same building, all without having to run around adjusting individual thermostats.

Reduced Operator Error

Leaving the heat on over the weekend is an easy mistake to make, but also a potentially expensive one, especially in the dead of a Hartford winter. You’ll never have that problem with a fully automated energy management system. Through feedback loops and computer processing power, a modern HVAC system can provide hands-off, error-free control.

These are just a few of the many advantages of upgrading to a building management system. To learn more about what we can do for you and your Connecticut business, contact the Tradesmen of New England today!