Preventative Maintenance that Will Save AC Costs

Welcome back to our blog! Last week we talked about commercial HVAC systems versus residential and the reason why it’s critically important to hire a commercial HVAC technician who specializes in maintenance. They will have the experience and knowledge to not only help you maintain your HVAC system, but to promptly repair the issues you have.

Also, if you’ve been following our blog you will know the importance that we put upon preventative maintenance. For every client, we suggest preventative maintenance for their commercial HVAC system for several reasons:

  • Preventative maintenance can help keep costs down before they become larger, more expensive problems.
  • It will help prevent system outages.
  • Preventative maintenance prolongs the life of your system.

Preventative maintenance can not only keep general cost down, but also the expense of keeping your building cool during the hot summers of Hartford, Western Massachusetts, Connecticut coastline and surrounding areas.

Keeping AC Costs Down

Summer is just around the corner, meaning summer temperatures will be putting our AC units to the test. Getting your AC and HVAC unit serviced before the summer season starts is a crucial part of preventative maintenance, not only to keep your system running, but also for the sake of your budget. Preventative maintenance that you should invest in includes:

Regular HVAC Filter Changes

Filters do exactly what you would assume they do. They keep the air in your building clean by preventing dust, pollen and other particles from making their way into your ductwork and into your work area. Though your commercial HVAC technician will be able to give you a better answer based on your type of system and filter, often you need to change your filter every three months and sometimes every month. Dirty filters can drastically increase your energy costs.

General Professional Maintenance

Often, there are issues with your commercial HVAC system that are easy for you to overlook. These issues, though sometimes small, can keep your system from functioning at its best. Often addressing these issues are easy fixes, and they can also be those that if not addressed now, can lead to bigger, more crucial problems. It’s best to get your system looked at by a professional commercial HVAC technician to make sure every part of your system is working well.

Programmable Thermostat

If you do not have an automated system or a thermostat, we highly recommend that you invest in one before the heat of summer kicks in. A programmable thermostat or automated system can help you control when and for how long your system runs. It will automatically start running before you and your coworkers get into work and will shut off after you have left. A programmable thermostat can greatly reduce the amount of time that your thermostat runs, drastically reducing your costs.

Preventative maintenance will not only reduce your costs, but will also help your customers, employees, or products stay cool all summer without draining your pocketbook. Tradesmen of New England would love to help you stay cool without breaking the bank this summer. We offer commercial HVAC preventative maintenance, as well as a variety of services that can help you:

  • Building Assessment – Unsure if your commercial HVAC system can support your building? Contact us! We offer building assessment services to help you have a commercial HVAC system that will support your building’s needs and that will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Building Automation – Building automation can do so much more than just help keep your building cool all summer without hurting your budget. Automation can provide security features, detect energy waste and more.
  • Electrical Services – Often the difference between your system running at its most efficient and it wasting energy (therefore wasting your money) can be due to your electrical system. Our commercial HVAC technicians can assess your building, repair, and maintain your electrical system so that your HVAC unit functions at its best.

Ready to Have the Most Efficient System?

If you would like your commercial HVAC system to function at its most efficient, call Tradesmen of New England today to schedule your preventative maintenance appointment so that you can enjoy staying cool all summer long with peace of mind that your system is running at its very best.

Emergency Services for Your Commercial HVAC System

Have an emergency? Call Tradesmen of New England! We offer emergency services for clients in the Greater Hartford, Western Massachusetts areas and all the way to Connecticut’s coastline; we want to help you keep your commercial HVAC system running day or night. We realize that problems with your system don’t always happen during the 9 to 5 part of the day and want to help you keep your business going no matter what.