HVAC System & Productivity

As a commercial HVAC company, we are very aware of the effects of a building’s climate, not only on the efficiency of your system or your energy budget but also on your occupants. Your employees are your assets: You must keep them happy as well as comfortable. Cold employees will be unhappy and may not feel like working as hard as they would if comfortable. Also, employees even if they would like to work harder, may find it physically harder, sometimes impossible to work when, for example, they have cold hands and fingers that are not able to function or type well.

Here are some of the elements of a building climate and HVAC system that affect your employees’ productivity.


As alluded above, temperature can greatly affect a person’s productivity. Uncomfortable employees will be unhappy, especially if they already alter their clothing choices and still feel like they can’t stay warm or cool. Discomfort can not only be distracting but also tiring. Employees that are unnecessarily cold are more susceptible to getting sick and feeling drained by the end of the day. And employees who are not feeling their best will not produce to their fullest potential.

Lighting Level

Lighting levels also affect an employee’s productivity. Though it may depend on your industry, well-lit offices are generally accepted as the most efficient places to work and put less strain on employee’s eyes when they are staring at a screen all day. Also, lighting allows for the building to stay cleaner which will help employees stay healthy: A well lit building will also help your employees feel and be safe.

Exposure to Outside

Though your HVAC system doesn’t affect this aspect of your building, we still feel that it is pertinent to mention in regards to the productivity of your employees. Sometimes commercial buildings can feel like cages when there are no windows to the outside or these windows are always closed. Having natural light shine into your building will help your employees to be happier and mentally acute.

Air Cleanliness

Having clean and fresh air in your building is a must. Some buildings become “polluted” when an HVAC system is not properly circulating the building’s air, thus causing greater potential for illness and generally unhealthy employees. Exposure to fresh air has been shown to heighten a person’s mental health, making them happier and more productive. It has also shown to help a person to have greater mental acuity which can beneficial no matter what kind of business you have: Employees have greater potential for ingenuity and will be more aware in industrial situations, thus preventing accidents when they have greater mental acuity.

These are just a few of the aspects of creature comfort that affect the effectiveness and productivity of your employees.

What Does This Mean For Your Commercial HVAC System

As you probably guessed, we are going to talk about how your HVAC system affects the creature comfort and thus productivity of your employees. First, you must have an HVAC system that is running effectively and efficiently so that you can maintain comfortable temperatures for your employees. Also, you must have an HVAC system with proper ductwork. Your ductwork should be cleaned consistently to maintain clean and fresh air. An effective HVAC system is under appreciated when working well, but when it isn’t working well, it is very apparent.

HVAC Services We Offer

We want to help you have the most productive employees and as a result, a successful business. We offer a variety of commercial HVAC services that will not only address problems with your HVAC system, but will keep your system running, and running well for a long time.

We offer:

  • Planned Maintenance – We will keep your commercial HVAC system running through preventative maintenance.
  • Building Assessment – Our technicians will look at your building and its unique needs and suggest an HVAC system that will work for you.
  • Building Automation – A building management system can be a great way to ensure the comfort of your employees. We install cutting-edge automation systems that will be best for your building and budget.
  • Electrical – An HVAC system can not perform at its best without an electrical system that is also working well. We can help you with both.
  • Emergency – We understand that problems can arise at any time. We will help you keep your business running no matter what.

Tradesmen of New England and Your Commercial HVAC System

The Tradesmen of New England have been serving commercial clients for over 15 years in the Connecticut and Western Massachusetts area. We thrive in giving our HVAC clients the best service with the best products on the market. We understand that what we do directly influences the success of your business: We understand that when we partner with you, you are putting your trust in us. Contact us for an appointment for your commercial HVAC system needs.