HVAC Controls and What You Need to Know

The efficiency of your HVAC system is dependent on many factors, but one of the main factors is the control system. Every HVAC system has a control system: The complexity of the control system can be anything from a simple thermostat to a fully automated system. No matter what kind of system you have, the importance of your HVAC controls functioning properly can not be stressed enough. Here the ways HVAC controls affect your entire system.

Eliminate Simultaneous Heating and Cooling

Part of having HVAC controls that are working properly is eliminating simultaneous heating and cooling. Systems that aren’t working properly will cause the price of running your system to sky rocket: If your system heats up your building too much, then your cooling system will have to turn on and cool your system down to the set temperature. If your system then cools your building down too much, your heat turns on and you end up in a vicious cycle that will cost you so much more than you should be paying. Having HVAC controls that are functioning at their best will help you have the most efficient commercial HVAC system.

Monitor Fan Speeds

HVAC controls also monitor fan speeds as well as the functioning of the pumps of your system. Having HVAC controls functioning at their best will guarantee that all elements of your system are running at their most efficient. Another essential part of the HVAC controls is to respond to the constant changes occurring in your building. Outside temperatures and weather changes, humidity, and a variety of other factors will affect and be monitored by your HVAC controls and as a result ensure that your system “responds” to keep your building at it’s optimal environment.

Efficient Scheduling

HVAC controls also help with the efficient scheduling of anticipated building environment changes, night setback, and similar situations. System scheduling affects all areas of the HVAC system including building temperature, position of air dampers, and more. HVAC controls that work properly to schedule system changes will significantly decrease the needed budget for running your system, allowing you to focus more of your budget and energy toward what matters: running your business.

Tradesmen of New England and Your HVAC System

These are just some of the reasons why HVAC controls are an integral part to the functioning of a commercial HVAC system. Are you looking for commercial HVAC services that will perform quality preventative maintenance? Does your system run efficiently? Contact the Tradesmen of New England! Our technicians are not only industry professionals with years of experience, but they also know about cutting-edge HVAC technology and automation, and genuinely care about our clients. We realize that we are essentially business partners, for an HVAC system that is running well will help you to invest more fully in the other and more important aspects of your business.

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