Home HVAC vs. Commercial HVAC Systems

Have you considered the differences between your home heating and cooling system and the HVAC system in your commercial building? The most obvious difference which you may have probably assumed is that commercial HVAC systems are larger than your home’s system, because commercial buildings are larger than a typical home in Greater Hartford, Western Massachusetts, and Connecticut. You are right in assuming this, but there is so much more to a commercial HVAC system than just being bigger than your residential system.

If you’ve ever wondered how the systems differ, or more importantly, why when your commercial system is broken and in need of repair, you must call a commercial HVAC company instead of the maintenance company that just fixed your home HVAC system, read on!

Power & Complexity

When you rightly assume that a commercial HVAC system is larger, you are on the right track for understanding a commercial HVAC system. However, this is just the start. Commercial HVAC systems are not only larger systems, but they are also more complex with bigger components. The complexity of the system can be attributed partly to the need of the HVAC system meeting the specific needs of each particular room and its function. For example, the heating and cooling needs of a business’s backroom or warehouse will most likely be different than that of the company offices. The complexity of commercial HVAC systems can accommodate these different needs within the same building, whereas for a residential HVAC system, you are simply heating and cooling the entire house to the same livable temperature.


Though the location of a residential HVAC system can differ, usually it will be located on the backside of the house, typically in the backyard area. This place is, for a home, the most out of the way space for the system. Conversely, for a commercial building, because of the sheer number of people or functions that a commercial building must serve, a commercial HVAC system will be located on the roof: Not only is it out of the way for safety precautions, but also for the sake of noise reduction and building aesthetics. As mentioned, a commercial HVAC system is larger, so using the vertical space of a building that has no other function than covering the top of the building is the best use of a commercial building’s property.

Drainage System

A home’s HVAC system rarely needs a complex drainage system. Often, only one drainage pan is needed to properly maintain the residential HVAC system. For a commercial building, due to its sheer size and the power needed to perform the multi-functionality of a commercial HVAC system, a complex system of pipes and drainage systems are needed to keep the system drained and functioning at its best.


Commercial HVAC systems and residential systems are also manufactured differently. Because a residential unit has one primary function – to heat and cool a home – it is usually made with few to no opportunities for modification. A commercial HVAC system however, is made modularly so that it can be modified: No two commercial building are alike, and so it is important that a commercial HVAC unit is “customizable” to meet the specific needs of a building. Also, because commercial HVAC systems are modular, it gives the business owner the opportunity to expand their building if they see the need and for the HVAC system they have in place to most likely accommodate their building addition’s needs with easy modification.


A commercial HVAC system can be simply a system that heats and cools the building as discussed earlier, but it can also provide other benefits such as automation, security, and more. A commercial unit can be incredibly complex with heating and cooling being just one of the many available functions, and because of this, it needs special attention to maintain the integration of all the systems components.

Does Your Commercial HVAC System Need Maintenance?

For all of the reasons above, it is important that you contact a commercial HVAC company to perform repairs and preventative maintenance on your commercial system. A commercial HVAC technician will easily be able to identify possible problem areas of your system and can give you affordable solutions that will better serve your building and ultimately your business.

We at Tradesmen of New England take partnering with local businesses very seriously. We realize that we are partners in your business when you trust us with the functionality of your system, because a system that has proper preventative maintenance and is running most efficiently will affect your bottom line and therefore the success of the business. If you are in the Greater Hartford, Western Massachusetts to the Connecticut Coast areas, and are in need of commercial HVAC services, call us! We offer:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Building assessment
  • Building automation
  • Electrical services
  • Emergency services

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