4 Spring Commercial Maintenance Tips

Spring is around the corner and if you are like most, you are more than ready for warmer, longer days, and to say goodbye to snow and ice and all the extra maintenance that winter brings. If you are a commercial building owner of any kind there are some things you need to know about the maintenance you must perform before spring is in full swing. Here are some of the most important areas of maintenance that you should attend to.

Check the Roof

Though icicles hanging from roofs and snow sparkling on the grounds is beautiful, snow can wreak havoc on your commercial building’s roof. Not only can the cold and ice speed up the aging process, but it can also cause more maintenance to be needed not only for the roof, but also the exterior of your building. Check your roof for missing shingles, rock, or other missing or damaged coverings and check the outside of your building for peeling or chipped paint, cracks in the bricks or foundation, ripped window screens and broken seals and more.

Prep the Landscaping

Another area of commercial maintenance that is needed is to clean up the landscaping. Due to heavy snow storms, you may need to clean up dead branches that have fallen and remove dead and flattened shrubs. You may also need to remove dead leaves that may have accumulated on your grounds. When you are looking at your landscaping, begin thinking about what you want your grounds to look like: Will you need to buy plants or bushes to fill the flower beds? Do you want to add large decorative pots for plants? Though a professional landscaper can help you ultimately decide what you will need for your landscaping, it’s always best to have an idea of what you would like to see this spring and summer on your property.

Check the Drainage System

When you are looking at your landscaping, be sure to also look at your drainage system. Watch out for standing water and take note. Standing water can not only become a sanitation problem, but it can also erode your landscaping, your roads, and parking lots, and create bigger problems such as sinkholes, and potholes. Standing water around your foundation can even spell bigger problems. At the very least, your drainage system may just be clogged and need cleaning or it may need repairs. Regardless, it is best to be proactive and assess as best as you can, what kind of maintenance will be needed.

Check the Mechanical System

You should also check all mechanical and automated systems within your building, this includes your commercial HVAC system. Types of maintenance that your system may need include the cleaning or your ducts, updating automated systems, flushing water heaters, and checking your sprinkler system. You should also check carbon monoxide detectors, as well. Spring is a great time to make sure all of these systems are in working order due to the fact that access to the exterior elements of your systems is easier and that summer is coming which can be a taxing time on commercial HVAC systems.

Need Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

We at Tradesmen of New England would love to help you get ready for spring and summer. We offer a variety of commercial HVAC services that can keep our system not only running, but running efficiently, all year long. Though we are more than happy to help you during those seasons of maintenance, we highly suggest to all our clients that they enroll in our preventive maintenance plan. A preventative maintenance plan will ensure that your system is running well and catch repairs and other issues before they become major issues that can be costly.

What Can Tradesmen of New England Do For You?

Tradesmen of New England provides services to the areas of Greater Hartford, CT including Bloomfield, Springfield, New London, Worcester, and New Haven. We provide commercial HVAC services to businesses and organizations located in Western Massachusett to the Connecticut Coast. We not only provide preventative maintenance, but also these commercial HVAC services as well:

  • Building Assessment – We believe that the best commercial HVAC system is one that is running most efficiently and one which fits your building’s unique needs. We can help you figure out if your current commercial HVAC system is running at its best.
  • Building Automation – We install high-quality commercial building automation systems from industry-leading brands to fit your budget.
  • Electrical Maintenance and Assessment – The effectiveness and efficiency of your commercial HVAC system is contingent on the functioning of your electrical system. We can help you troubleshoot problem areas and address them so your system can be running well, as soon as possible.
  • Emergency HVAC Services – We have HVAC technicians available day and night, 7 days a week for all your emergency HVAC needs. We realize that problems never sleep and want to help you keep your business going no matter what.

Call us or contact us online to schedule an appointment and learn more about our commercial HVAC services which we offer to New Haven and beyond! We offer easy ways to keep up on your commercial HVAC system through our QR code program and our online customer portal. We understand that we are in essence, business partners with you when you entrust us with your commercial HVAC system and we take that very seriously. To learn more about the Tradesmen of New England and why you should choose us over other HVAC companies, go here!